Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 5.8.23, 5.8.28, 5.9.29

See the Official Release Notes

New Features in 5.9.29

  • New Dashboard
  • IPS Dashboard
  • IPS Signature Suppression
  • IPS Signature Categories Control
  • Per Radio Uplink Control
  • Speed and Duplex Config for USG Interfaces
  • Fallback VLAN support for USW when using 802.1X
  • Added local SSO login.
  • Controller HD and Micro SD free space monitoring notifications
  • Analytic Reporting.
  • New Cloud Access Integration

New Features in 5.8.23

  • Scheduled Upgrades Support – Currently in beta.
  • Ability to add Site VPN Route Distance.
  • Add WeChat as an authentication method to Hotspot.
  • Added netconsole logging to config.
  • Added speed and duplex config for USG interfaces.
  • Added control for dnsmasq as DHCP server.
  • Added Wi-Fi Happiness to client STA statistics.
  • Added app switcher.
  • Added BaseStationXG LED bar color control to the device properties panel.
  • Allow setting opacity on Image-type maps.
  • Allow setting Management VLAN at Access Points.
  • Property Panel now shows images of most popular client devices.
  • One can assign USG Physical Ports to Logical Networks.
  • Local SSO login capabilities added.

Changes Since 5.8.28

  • Added about popup
  • Allow choosing which department to contact in chat window
  • Hide Fast Roaming feature for WEP networks
  • Fixed displaying IP address of gateway discovered by Discovery Tool
  • Fixed migration issue
  • Fixed a potential bug affecting autobackup on Windows 10
  • Fixed a bug which caused unifi.yourdomain.com to be provisioned to devices for both the management and STUN URLs.
  • No longer excludes all port forwarded ports from policy routing.
  • Other bugs fixes and improvements.

Changes Since 5.8.20

  • Added validation for Promotional URL input in Guest Control.
  • Enabled RF scanning for UAP-nanoHD.
  • Fixed a bug with AC-IW/IW-Pro provisioning which caused traffic to stop forwarding (only when the management VLAN and a WLAN VLAN are the same).
  • Fixed RADIUS accounting for switching products.
  • Fixed decoding UTF-8 characters over WebRTC.
  • Fixed analytics graph display on Firefox in Hotspot Manager.
  • Fixed default value for Outdoor Mode in batch AP configuration.
  • Fixed property panel auto scroll after refresh.
  • Fixed time range change after granularity modification on the Statistics Overview page.
  • Fixed reversed TX/R client stats.
  • Updated translations.
  • Other backend bug fixes and improvements.

Changes Since 5.7.x

  • Added description from mDNS.
  • Added tooltip that DHCP DNS must be a valid IP address.
  • Allow Facebook-based Hotspot authorization portal to be opened in Apple Captive Network Assistant.
  • Allow setting mask /31 ( for USG/WAN so as to be in compliance with RFC3021.
  • Display warning when time series start day isbefore data retention settings for given granularity.
  • Use the same tab order as switches for UAP-AC-IW.
  • In the device list, invisible uplinks in uplink column after refresh.
  • Switch stats shouldn’t allow one to select device managed by another.
  • Prepopulate RADIUS Tunnel-Medium Type once “Virtual LANs (VLAN)” is selected.
  • Fixed MAC auth provisioning so RADIUS assigned VLAN is set when its enabled in the RADIUS profile.
  • Fixed devices disappearing from map when changing from legacy to designer without saving, also issue with changing map type from Google to image for a second time.
  • Removed extra PHY port for USG-XG.
  • Now show Hardware Offload as off when IPS is enabled, cannot be turned on.
  • Expose HTTPS blocking for Facebook Wi-Fi portal.
  • Other backend fixes and improvements.