Ubiquiti UniFi Controller Management Software

Ubiquiti offers enterprise products at drastically reduced costs (e.g. compare the cost of their offerings to those from Meraki or Meru).

What is the Ubiquiti Controller?

Before you start installing any components you need to know about the Ubiquiti Controller. This is the management software for organizing one’s network.

The Ubiquiti controller is available for free download for Windows, Mac, or Linux; or one can use a Cloud Key. It requires the Java Runtime Environment and a web browser.

One can run the software on a management station (computer/server) at the location of the network or in the cloud.

Moving Between Controllers

  1. Log into the current controller.
  2. Go to Settings –> Site.
  3. Under Device Authentication, ensure you have set and know the current SSH username/password used to access devices.
  4. Go to Settings –> Maintenance.
  5. Download backup.
  6. Close controller window in browser.
  7. Right click on Ubiquiti Unifi Controller app and choose Quit.
  8. Login to new controller.
  9. Go to Settings –> Maintenance.
  10. Choose Restore and select recently created backup file.
  11. “Working Please Wait” appears on the screen indicating the unit is applying the update and rebooting. For me, this never seemed to go away, but I was able to launch a new instance of the controller web GUI without incident.