Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 6.0.22-6.0.23

Official Release Notes


  • 6.0.23
    • Added MAC Address Filtering for WLAN.
    • Limited maximum shown upload/download utilization to 100%.
  • 6.0.22
    • Remove option to enable client statistics, they are now enabled by default.
    • Made updates to the System Settings Design and added a new Scheduled Upgrade Modal.
    • Add sub page transitions.
    • No longer allow changing timezone, hostname, and controller name on UniFi OS.
    • Improved Plug-and-Play adoption for UniFi OS.
    • Added “disabled” option for PMF (Protected Management Frames) in Beta Settings.


  • 6.0.23
    • Fixed Accordions in Beta Settings Networks from being unable to open.
    • Fixed WiFi AI excluded channels dropdown/list.
    • System Settings -> Updates now uses 24h format if it is set in system settings.
    • Now ensures DHCP Relay section can be found in search.
    • Updated AP Group form labels.
  • 6.0.22
    • Removed VLAN Only networks with 0 VLAN tag and assigned Default LAN Network to affected WiFi Networks (this fix may not help in all reported cases).
      • The official release notes say “yet” – but it is unclear to me whether this means that the fix will eventually work for all reported cases (e.g. if some other component needs to be updated on some networks) or if another fix needs to be implemented.
    • Fixed number of clients reported on dashboard.
    • Fixed hostname validation rule.
    • Fixed WAN IP uniqueness validation on save.
    • Fixed issues submitting site-to-site VPN Configuration in Beta Settings.
    • Moved “Enable Smart Queues” tooltip to label.
    • Added error message for RADIUS secret length.
    • Now show content filtering for UDM and UXG family devices only.
    • Now gets WLAN limit for each band separately in Beta Settings.
    • Made style and component fixes in property panel.

Know Issues

  • 6.0.23
    • VLANs beyond UAP wireless downlinks issue seen in 6.0.22 is still under investigation.
  • 6.0.22
    • VLANs beyond UAP wireless downlinks may not have connectivity – actively under investigation.

Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 5.14.22-6.0.20

Official Release Notes

New Features

  • Beta Dashboard for UDM.
    • Implements Real-Time statistics.
  • Redesigned, simplified and moved Site, Controller, Maintenance, Remote Access, and Backup Configuration to System Settings.
    • Hide and auto-configure Data Retention for Statistics
    • Redesigned and moved Wi-Fi AI configuration to System Settings Page.
    • Redesigned and moved RADIUS and Switch Port profiles to Advanced Features page.
    • Redesigned and moved Services to Advanced Gateway Settings to Advanced Features page.
    • Moved User Groups to Client Groups on Advanced Features page.
  • Redesign and moved Wireless Networks configuration to Wi-Fi page.
    • Replaced WLAN Groups with new AP Groups feature.
    • Simplified WiFi creation – WPA2 security protocol with password is now set by default.
    • Allow selecting WPA2 Enterprise Security Protocol if at least one Radius profile is enabled.
    • Changed VLAN ID numeric input to Network dropdown.
    • Integrated Guest Control with Hotspot configuration on Wi-Fi page.
  • Redesigned and moved LAN Networks configuration to Networks page.
    • Added Auto Scale Network feature.
    • Moved VLAN Only Networks to Network Isolation in Advanced Features.
    • Updated Content Filtering categories and moved to Network Configuration.
    • Added new Device Isolation (creates guest network if turneed on) and Internet Access (blocks WAN access if turned off) toggles.
    • Redesigned and moved WAN Networks configuration to Internet page.
    • Redesigned and moved DPI configuration to Security page.
    • Redesigned and moved Threat Management configuration to Security page.
  • Added AP Groups Feature.
    • AP Groups simplifies the way one configures Wi-Fi and arranges APs into logical groups.
    • This feature is replacing WLAN Groups and WLAN Overrides.
      • It is a breaking change, some edge cases may not be covered.
    • Some WLAN Group configurations have been migrated to individual Wi-Fi Network configurations.
  • Preview Auto Scale Network Feature
    • Automatically adjusts subnet size and DHCP range with avoiding network collision.
  • Add ability to report incorrect Wi-Fi Experience.
  • Added Survey for Beta Dash and Beta Settings.


  • 6.0.20
    • Added transition animations in Beta Settings
    • Added buttons for guest client authentication and unauthentication
    • Replaced Speed test gauge with numbers
    • Moved PMF to WLAN configuration in Beta Settings
    • Now shows AP promo placeholder in the new dashboard when there is no existing WiFi network.
    • Now shows original vendor logos when device logo is unavailable.
    • Removed Combine Name/SSID option from Settings.
    • Improved the user experience of AP Group validation in beta settings.
  • 5.14.22
    • Moved Analytics & Improvements toggle to UniFi OS settings (only applicable for UniFI OS systems).
    • Disabled DnsFilterAlert and IpReputationBlock events by default.
    • Added support for UXG-Pro.
    • Added Switch Port anomalies.
    • Added ability to report incorrect WiFi score.
    • Set default DTIM interval to 3.
    • Auto-backup is now enabled by default.
    • Disabled Element Adopt on Connectivity Disable.
    • Improved logging for Hotspot RADIUS.
    • Improve power cycle behavior for USP Plug.
    • Improved logging errors.
    • Updated translations.
    • Updated LCM idle timeout.

Bug Fixes

  • 6.0.20
    • Settings intro video now plays
    • Fixed scrolling in Property panel in Beta Clients page.
    • Fixed Peak Usage in the New Dashboard.
    • Fixed width for columns in network table.
    • Fixed saving DHCP Relay mode for network.
    • Fixed stretched vendor logos on Beta Clients page.
    • Fixed available actions for editing admins.
    • Fixed TxRate value on Clients page.
    • Fixed redirect URL in Cloud version of New Settings.
    • Fixed opening WLAN configuration page in New Settings.
    • Fixed DHCP initial values that made Cancel and Apply buttons show without making any changes.
    • Fixed Port Table value display.
    • Fixed problems with Device adoption.
    • Fixed visual style in client property panel Overview section.
    • Fixed selected columns not being saved in clients’ table.
    • Fixed multiple 404 errors.
    • Fixed Network Configuration fro LTE failover when there is no connected LTE device.
    • Fixed the “go to old dashboard” banner which was reappearing after dismissal.
    • Fixed packet count formatting on Beta Clients page.
    • Fixed scrollbar style in Beta Settings.
    • Fixed untoggable checkboxes in port configuration.
    • Fixed issues with WiFi Satisfaction graph on New Dashboard.
    • Fixed “No Clients” image position.
    • Facebook authentication in Hotspot is not allowing HTTP redirect anymore.
      • Is this a statement of fact? Or that this has been fixed so Facebook auth does allow redirections now?
    • Added missing options for Hotspot SSID’s.
    • Provisioned access points with VLAN id’s from all LAN configurations.
    • No longer allow enabling cloud email without remote access enabled.
    • Now excludes U-LTE and USP-Plug from AP Group device list.
    • Updated create WiFi validation.
    • Corrected MAC Filter table column widths.
  • 5.14.23
    • Removed false positive errors from controller logs.
    • Fixed overlapping firewall rule ID with port forward and DPI blocking enabled.
  • 5.14.22
    • No longer include empty fingerprint stats.
    • No longer prevent sending push notifications for generated events.
    • No longer display false positive STUN warning.
    • No longer use guest WiFi for element adoption.
    • No longer sending unsupported push notifications.
    • No longer reports UDM-Pro as client.
    • No longer sends notifications for unknown events.
    • Now includes missing active clients in some statistics.
    • Now prevents duplication of WAN2 network.
    • Now handles IP Reputation Alerts.
    • Fixes operator frame not showing.
    • Fixes operator login URL.
    • Fixes wrong hotspot URL redirects.
    • Fixes incorrect admin invite emails.
    • Fixes case where STP is enabled on the port but UI shows as disabled.
    • Fixed UXG syslog going to incorrect IP/FQDN.
    • Fixed reporting statistics for ports 2 and 11 on UDM-Pro.
    • Fixed infinite redirects when trying to authorize guest on UAP.
    • Fixed firewall rules for Guest Port on UDM.
    • Fixed creating hotspot operators.
    • Fixed saving tags.
    • Fixed batch deleting vouchers.
    • Fixed saving configuration for USP Plug.
    • Fixed USP Plug adoption.
    • Fixed USP Plug power cycling.
    • Fixed crashing WiFi AI page in Beta Settings.
    • Fixed error during processing informs.
    • Fixed “Can’t complete network setup because of missing max Auto Backup files number” error.
    • Fixed adoption of Protect cameras over Element Adoption SSID.
    • Now limit the number of pending devices to not allow DoS attack.
    • Now limit Auto Backup files to 100.
    • Speed tests should no longer block live updates.

Known Issues

  • 6.0.20
    • VLANs beyond UAP wireless downlinks may not have connectivity.
    • Creating VPN’s on UDM’s may result in commit errors.

Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 5.10.25-5.10.27

Official Release Notes


  • 5.10.27
  • Make encrypted cookie optional for the built-in Guest Portal.
  • 5.10.26
  • None
  • 5.10.25
  • Only enable High Performance Devices when SSID is enabled on 2.GHz and 5GHz radios (also part of Auto-Optimize Network).


  • 5.10.27
  • None
  • 5.10.26
  • Added missing translation key for SSH password in setup wizard.
  • Fixed NPE (null pointer exception?) for Download Device Info.
  • Fixed switch port customization bug caused by missing migration in earlier releases.
  • 5.10.25
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 5.10.12-5.10.23

Official Release Notes

See the below links for official release notes. I only cover the fixes/changes and don’t include instructions on upgrading, links to downloads, etc., etc.

Since 5.10.21

  • Now allow SSH username to contain uppercase characters or to be an email address.
  • Now prevent Auto-Optimize Network from enabling High Performance Devices on 2.4GHz only APs.
  • Security improvement.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Since 5.10.20

  • Fixed IPv6 encapsulation sizing.
  • Fixed pagination button type.
  • Fixed remote syslog validation when logging to controller.
  • Fixed various bugs with guest portal pre-authorization.

Since 5.10.19

  • Improved OS architecture detection to fix issue where wrong MongoDB storageEngine was being set.
  • Fixed logging format by adding date.
  • Fixed IPv6 MSS clamping.
  • Switched from deprecated Google+ API to Google People API (social guest portal authentication).
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

Since 5.10.17

  • Fixed database migration errors for users without guest portal configurations.
  • Fixed Mongo for 32-bit non-UCK systems.
  • Fixed error with getting temporary cloud credentials.

Since 5.10.12

  • Fixed issue that could prevent db migration from succeeding when upgrading.
  • Fixed issue where setting SSH username/password on a UCK would fail and not notify user.
  • Fixed issue when clicking Submit button for changing SSH credentials.
  • Fixed L3 adopt and upgrade process (bug report).
  • Fixed external guest portal cookies (bug report).

Since 5.9.29

  • Added bidirectional firewall rules for blocking traffic detected by IPS.
  • Added unsupported state for devices.
  • Added an interim firmware update for UPA, UPA-LR, UAP-OD, and UAP-OD5.
  • Added Adopt and Upgrade action for unsupported devices.
  • Added Icon for WAN Transition Event/Alert.
  • Added RFC 3261 unreserved characters to SIP username, extension, and password fields.
  • Added fixed vs inline property panel preference.
  • Added option to disable 5GHz only for high performance clients (part of Auto-Optimize Network feature).
  • Added firmware error detection flags for certain system events.
  • Added events for features enabled by Auto-Optimize Network feature.
  • Added unavailable text to Stats Overview modules.
  • Now checks for latest firmware when running custom upgrade.
  • replaced device icons with photos.
  • Implemented new styling for Port Diagrams.
  • Made action buttons in tables sticky.
  • Blocked clients not counted in Association Failures widget.
  • Now includes manual site-to-site VPNs on site import.
  • Improved Controller Wizard.
  • Improved accuracy of Neighboring Access Points.
  • Improved auto positioning tooltip.
  • Improved tooltip for local login with UBNT account.
  • Improved Most Active APs Widget.
  • Improved navigation in Wizard.
  • Improved global side navigation.
  • Now allow setting switch port name same as profile name.
  • Moved preferences to settings in User Interface.
  • Made improvements to buttons.
  • Updated events and alerts.
  • Updated Insights and Statistics to use new header opanel styles.
  • Updated Traffic Stats tables to use new table styles.
  • Updadted UniFi Network logo and title.
  • Updated device grid status bars.
  • Updated DPI chart UI.
  • Improved RF tooltip position for AP Property Panel.
  • Added option to ignore to Controller Update Available popup.
  • Fixed RADIUS Profile tooltip in WPA Enterprise settings.
  • Fixed IPS Map Country labels not refreshing after changing language.
  • On UniFi Cloud Key 1st Gen Only – now generate an event when MongoDB size exceeds 1.25 GB.
  • Fixed false rejections of valid IPv6 addresses for firewall groups and static routes.
  • Fixed firmware caching when firmware update service returns an error.
  • Fixed a bug that may have prevented database migration when upgrading the controller.
  • Fixed Missing logo in Sites overview.
  • Fix empty Property Panel after page reload.
  • Fixed Release notes bouncing when left open on low height screen.
  • Fixed empty ISP Graph X axis scale.
  • Moved temperature in USG overview property panel.
  • Fixed always displayed warning about not allowed channels.
  • Fixed device table icon padding.
  • Fixed WebRTC functionality on recent builds of Firefox.
  • Fixed various text overflow issues.
  • Fixed client historical label displaying the wrong value.
  • Fixed known clients inconsistency.
  • Fixed incorrect client’s uplink in Client List view.
  • Fixed double DHCPv6-PD node with PPPoE and DHCPv6.
  • Fixed Compact Database feature.
  • Fixed some untranslated strings in Insights/Switch Stats view.
  • Fixed XSS on fatal page.
  • Fixed interim update interval provisioning.
  • Fixed broken Device dist. module color picker.
  • Fixed console error in Hotspot Manager > Payments and Transactions > click on Payments button.
  • Fixed batch edit for nanoHD/In-Wall HD (and possibly other SKUs).
  • Fixed Release notes bounce when left open on low height screen.
  • Fixed unreadable controller logs when using default/lower loglevels.
  • Fixed issue causing devices to get stuck in adopting state.
  • Fixed a NPE which may occur when adopting a USG, and on every inform from it.
  • Fixed validation in Add Client form.
  • Fixed AP VLAN toggle applying to another property panel.
  • Fixed long name overlapping.
  • Fixed missing adopt button for USG in Property Panel.
  • Fixed no DPI data when switching from Overview to Apps.
  • Fixed position and size of tooltips.
  • Fixed sorting via model not working forUniFi AP-BaseStationXG.
  • Fixed icon size of dashboard DPI modules.
  • Fixed spacing on Switch port profiles tagged networks checkboxes.
  • Fixed wireless uplink detection when using Auto-Optimize Network feature.
  • Fixed and improved database handling to mitigate migration issues with large databases (reported bug report).
  • Fixed incorrect LAN traffic counter on switching widget.
  • Fixed voucher printing.
  • Fixed displaying Tx and Rx Radio values in Devices panel.
  • Fixed displaying Wi-Fi Experience for devices with one type of radio.
  • Fixed firmware notice alignment.
  • Fixed IPS date range.
  • Fixed tooltip for Adopting multiple USG.
  • Fixed the error message when deleting user groups attached to WLANs.
  • Now hide PoE label on switch port profile form when no PoE options available.
  • Fixed no margin between buttons in airView.
  • Remove ambiguity from switch power consumption in device properties.
  • Modified Switch ISP upload/download colors.
  • Performed Port Usage widget cleanup and componentization.
  • Legacy (Svg) map – add workaround for Chrome bug when device marker is moved to top left corner on animation applied.
  • Dashboard main status: fixed case when no WIFi Experience is available (i.e. 0 APs) but vertical separator is shown.
  • Added missing icon for STP blocking event.
  • Firewall: Fixed saving IPv6 rules.
  • IPS: Fixed Geo Location that was incorrect in certain cases.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 5.8.23, 5.8.28, 5.9.29

See the Official Release Notes

New Features in 5.9.29

  • New Dashboard
  • IPS Dashboard
  • IPS Signature Suppression
  • IPS Signature Categories Control
  • Per Radio Uplink Control
  • Speed and Duplex Config for USG Interfaces
  • Fallback VLAN support for USW when using 802.1X
  • Added local SSO login.
  • Controller HD and Micro SD free space monitoring notifications
  • Analytic Reporting.
  • New Cloud Access Integration

New Features in 5.8.23

  • Scheduled Upgrades Support – Currently in beta.
  • Ability to add Site VPN Route Distance.
  • Add WeChat as an authentication method to Hotspot.
  • Added netconsole logging to config.
  • Added speed and duplex config for USG interfaces.
  • Added control for dnsmasq as DHCP server.
  • Added Wi-Fi Happiness to client STA statistics.
  • Added app switcher.
  • Added BaseStationXG LED bar color control to the device properties panel.
  • Allow setting opacity on Image-type maps.
  • Allow setting Management VLAN at Access Points.
  • Property Panel now shows images of most popular client devices.
  • One can assign USG Physical Ports to Logical Networks.
  • Local SSO login capabilities added.

Changes Since 5.8.28

  • Added about popup
  • Allow choosing which department to contact in chat window
  • Hide Fast Roaming feature for WEP networks
  • Fixed displaying IP address of gateway discovered by Discovery Tool
  • Fixed migration issue
  • Fixed a potential bug affecting autobackup on Windows 10
  • Fixed a bug which caused unifi.yourdomain.com to be provisioned to devices for both the management and STUN URLs.
  • No longer excludes all port forwarded ports from policy routing.
  • Other bugs fixes and improvements.

Changes Since 5.8.20

  • Added validation for Promotional URL input in Guest Control.
  • Enabled RF scanning for UAP-nanoHD.
  • Fixed a bug with AC-IW/IW-Pro provisioning which caused traffic to stop forwarding (only when the management VLAN and a WLAN VLAN are the same).
  • Fixed RADIUS accounting for switching products.
  • Fixed decoding UTF-8 characters over WebRTC.
  • Fixed analytics graph display on Firefox in Hotspot Manager.
  • Fixed default value for Outdoor Mode in batch AP configuration.
  • Fixed property panel auto scroll after refresh.
  • Fixed time range change after granularity modification on the Statistics Overview page.
  • Fixed reversed TX/R client stats.
  • Updated translations.
  • Other backend bug fixes and improvements.

Changes Since 5.7.x

  • Added description from mDNS.
  • Added tooltip that DHCP DNS must be a valid IP address.
  • Allow Facebook-based Hotspot authorization portal to be opened in Apple Captive Network Assistant.
  • Allow setting mask /31 ( for USG/WAN so as to be in compliance with RFC3021.
  • Display warning when time series start day isbefore data retention settings for given granularity.
  • Use the same tab order as switches for UAP-AC-IW.
  • In the device list, invisible uplinks in uplink column after refresh.
  • Switch stats shouldn’t allow one to select device managed by another.
  • Prepopulate RADIUS Tunnel-Medium Type once “Virtual LANs (VLAN)” is selected.
  • Fixed MAC auth provisioning so RADIUS assigned VLAN is set when its enabled in the RADIUS profile.
  • Fixed devices disappearing from map when changing from legacy to designer without saving, also issue with changing map type from Google to image for a second time.
  • Removed extra PHY port for USG-XG.
  • Now show Hardware Offload as off when IPS is enabled, cannot be turned on.
  • Expose HTTPS blocking for Facebook Wi-Fi portal.
  • Other backend fixes and improvements.

Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Release Notes: 4.4.21, 4.4.22

4.4.21 to 4.4.22

See official release notes.

  • Fixed commit error that was generated when multiple provisions were made of the same configuration.
  • Fixed regression in local web UI introduced in 4.4.21.
  • Fixed potential loop in signature fetching for IDS/IPS.
  • Improved dnsmasq reloading, increased sacalability of hostfile-update feature.
  • Fixed application of config changes on running system in source-validation/uRPF.
  • Updated tzdata (time zones) to version 2018d.
  • USG-XG-8 Only
    • Interface speed is now sent to LCM (display).

4.4.18 to 4.4.21

See official release notes.

  • Added back end port remapping in 5.8.x and newer controller versions.
  • Fixed premature expiring of TCP connection states for long-lived idle connections.
  • Made back end improvements to RADIUS server that remove character restrictions on passwords (‘ and ” now usable).
  • IDS/IPS was upgraded to Suricata 4.0.4 which provides minor performance and back end improvements as well as some bug fixes.
  • CPU utilization had increased in 4.4.18 for gathering statistics, mcad, and ubnt-util, brought back down to normal levels.
  • Resolved a memory leak in mcad.
  • Made back end improvements for dnsmasq, specifically DHCP server handling of hostnames of DHCP reservations.
  • dnsmasq is no longer limited to /8, /16, and /24 networks.
  • Disabled deprecated SSh ciphers.
  • Removed “noccp” from xl2tpd configuration, there should be no reason to disable and some Windows L2TP clients require it.
  • Removed offload scheduler due to performance degradations in some configurations which utilized rate limiting user groups.
  • Fixed a hung connection issue with FTP by importing an FTP contrack fix, only occurred with unusual formatting of 227 message.
  • Fixed use of external guest portal through USG.
  • USG-XG-G Only
    • Updated LCM firmware.
    • Updated Bluetooth back end.
    • Upgraded kernel version to resolve high/growing CU usage from migration processes.
    • Allow disabling of autonegotiation on eth0 port.

Ubiquiti UniFi Firmware Release Notes:

Official Release Notes

You can find official release notes from Ubiquiti here:


  • 3.9.24-
    • Fixed an issue with the reported uplink interface after RF scan when bonding was enabled.
    • Fixed 802.1X VLAN reporting when RADIUS VLAN was enabled.
    • Increased NTP client update frequency.
    • Improved client STA performance for SSIDs with DVLAN enabled.
    • Removed unnecessary logging.
    • SHD/XG Only
      • Fixed a performance issue.
    • XG Only
      • Re-enabled autonegotiation on the 10 GbE PHY.
  •  3.9.21-
    • Improved device stability when using rate control.
    • Fixed channel utilization stats.
    • Fixed spectral scanning support.
    • Fixed forwarding of fragmented IPv6 packets.
    • SHD/XG Only
      • Made improvements to airTime.
  • 3.9.19-
    • Fixed the speed regression introduced in 3.9.18.
    • Made an improvement to stability.
    • XG Only
      • 10Gbps Ethernet performance Improvements.
  • 3.9.18-
    • Fixed a memory leak when multicast enhancements were enabled.
  • 3.9.15-
    • Made improvements to stability and performance.
  • 3.9.3/3.9.6-
    • XG Only
      • Fixed airView and airTime support.
    • USXG Only
      • Improved LAG config handling.


  • 3.9.24-
    • Added:
      • Channel utilization counters.
      • DTIM Support.
      • Initial Bandsteering support.
      • athstats tool.
      • Broadcast filtering support.
    • Enabled DFS support.
    • Fixed:
      • broadcast filter configuration.
      • hidden SSID support.
      • crash triggered by provisioning.
      • bug causing SNMP hostname to disappear after provision and reboot.
      • PMF support.
  •  3.9.21-
    • Added channel utilization support (currently 5GHz only).
    • Enabled VHT160 support.
    • Added nslookup.
    • Enabled MU-MIMO.
    • Fixed per-STA rate limiting support (user groups).
    • Stopped broadcasting default SSID.
    • Added MAC ACL support.
    • Fixed RADIUS VLAN support.
    • Fixed fast-apply support.
    • Fixed HT40 support on 2.4GHz.
    • Made improvements to stability.
  •  3.9.19-
    • Merged 3rd release firmware.
    • Added RADIUS VLAN support.
    • Added fast-apply support.
    • Added 802.11w support (PMF).
    • Added 802.11X identity support.
    • Disabled country code IE.
    • Made improvements to stability.
  • 3.9.18-
    • Fixed MBSS support.
    • Made improvements to stability.
  • 3.9.15-
    • Added guest control support.
    • Added 802.1X support.
    • Added support for multiple BSSIDs per radio.
    • Fixed issue when using a bracket in the ESSID or PSK.
    • Fixed auto channel selection issue.
    • Fixed 802.11n negotiation issue.
    • Fixed issue which could cause Ethernet to stay down after provision or reboot.
  • 3.9.3/3.9.6-
    • Added stainfo support.


  • 3.9.24-
    • Disabled over the DS fast BSS transition.
    • Fixed management VLANs on downlink UAPs.
    • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused 100% CPU usage when fast BSS transition was enabled.
    • Made various wireless uplink changes, including adding multi-radio uplink support.
    • Now track MAC filter rejections.
    • UAPG3 Only
      • Fixed remaining crash when 802.11r is enabled.
      • Reverted a patch which disabled the secondary ethernet when using wireless uplinks.
    • UAPG2/G3 Only
      • Improved channel utilization reporting accuracy.
    • UAPG2
      • Made improvements to performance.
    • UAP-Pro Only
      • Removed bandsteering as it isn’t supported.
  •  3.9.21-
    • Refactored and improved fast-apply, which also fixed two small memory leaks.
  •  3.9.19-
    • Fixed a memory leak related to the redirector.
    • UAPG2/G3 Only
      • Now tracks TX airtime latency.
    • UAPG1 Only
      • Fixed device firmware upgrade.
  • 3.9.18-
    • Fixed NAS-IP-Address attribute so that it always returns the management IP of the AP.
  • 3.9.15-
    • Improved STA signal reporting
    • Made improvements to wireless uplink/mesh V3.
    • Fixed a bug with rate control when using multiple SSIDs.
  • 3.9.3/3.9.6-
    • Fixed a small memory leak.
    • Fixed outdoor flag.
    • Added fast-apply for guest portal.
    • Improved guest portal redirector handling.
    • Fixed a bug with L3 wireless adoption.
    • Fixed bandsteering.
    • Fixed issue with bridge priority so the secondary ethernet port remains enabled.
    • Improved DFS.
    • Fixed an issue preventing bandsteering from being enabled.
    • Fixed an issue with the downlink monitor.
    • Added uplink priority for the bridge interfaces.
    • Added KRACK AP mode patches for 802.11r.
    • UAPG3 Only
      • Fixed minimum rates.
      • Further improvements to device upgrade and boot times.
      • Fixed a crash in hostapd when Fast Roaming is enabled.
      • Added support for 82.11r and 802.11k.
      • Fixed channel utilization reports.
      • Improvement bootup and TFP recovery times.
    • UAPG2/G3 Only
      • Added RADIUS VLAN support to MAC authentication bypass.
      • Fixed a bug which prevented APs from uprgading when bandsteering was neabled.
      • Fxied issue with which caused some APs to not accept any clients.
    • UAPG2 Only
      • Added support for 802.11k.
    • UAPG1/G2
      • Added net-snmp.


  • 3.9.24-
    • Made L3 adoption and management improvements.
  •  3.9.21-
    • Added device hostname in shell.
    • Optimized image size.
  •  3.9.19-
    • Enabled TCP Packetization-Layer Path MTU Discovery when an ICMP black hole is detected.
    • Improved CPU utilization of SNMP.
  • 3.9.18-
    • Fixed some issues which would cause L3 adopted devices to show up as disconnected in the controller.
    • Fixed SNMP sysName.
  • 3.9.15-
    • New protocol implementation.
    • Added controller support for netconsole.
  • 3.9.3-
    • Improved security.
    • Updated openssl package to 1.0.2m.
    • Updated curl to 7.57.0.
    • Added IPv6 management support.
    • Improved event notification on device upgrade.


  • 3.9.21-
    • Fixed crash caused by autodetect.
    • Adjusted MAB priority, no longer waiting for 802.1X timeout to process.
    • Fixed port mirroring provisioning.
    • Added switch PoE port overload and disconnect reporting.
  •  3.9.19-
    • Enhanced DHCP snooping trace log for LAGs
  • 3.9.15-
    • Made various improvements.
  • 3.9.3/3.9.6-
    • Added port ID in STP error message.
    • Lowered STP topology change log level.
    • Improved DHCP guarding and snooping.
    • Added DHCP snooping debug command.


  • 3.9.3/3.9.6-
    • Improved PSU status reporting.


  • 3.9.3/3.9.6-
    • Fixed VLAN pass-through regression
    • Added port disable support.
    • AC-IW/IW-Pro Only
      • Improved VLAN config and prevented traffic leaks.
      • Fixed RADIUS VLAN when port VLAN is enabled.
      • Added QoS CIR/EIR support.
      • Made improvements to performance.
      • Fixed management VLAN issue causing decreased multicast performance.
    • EDU only

Ubiquiti airOS Terms Defined And In Need of Definition

  • Access Point PTP
    • When one has only a single device (e.g. NanoBeam) acting as an AP and there is a single client device.
    • Referenced: airOS 8 User Guide, pg. 13.
  • Point-to-Point (PtP) Link
    • Referenced: airOS 8 User Guide, pg. 13.
  • Station PtP Mode
    • A client device connecting to a PtP link.
    • Referenced: airOS 8 User Guide, pp. 13, 14.
  • Access Point PTMP AirMax AC
    • When a single device (e.g. NanoBeam) is acting as an AP for multiple client devices that are all airMAX AC devices.
    • Referenced: airOS 8 User Guide, pg. 13.
  • Access Point PTMP AirMax Mixed
    • When a single device (e.g. NanoBeam) is acting as an AP for multiple client devices where the clients are a mix of airMAX AC and airMAX M devices.
    • Referenced: airOS 8 User Guide, pg. 13.
  • Station PtMP Mode
    • When multiple clients are connect to an AP they are placed in this mode.
    • Referenced: airOS 8 User Guide, pg. 14.
  • Lock to AP Mac
    • When there are multiple devices broadcasting an SSID, allows one to lock client devices connectivity to a single AP via its MAC address.
    • Referenced: airOS 8 User Guide, pg. 14.

Helpful Reads

Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 5.7.20


This post serves several purposes. First and foremost it is a way for me to assimilate the information in the UniFi release notes. By rewriting it or simply copying it I find I retain more and understand more. Secondly, it is meant as a resource for others who use UniFi systems and find the release notes a bit difficult to follow. Finally, it is my attempt to delineate a better way in which Ubiquiti could create/release their notes.

I’d also welcome clarifications from anyone on various terms, associated forum posts, etc. throughout…perhaps we can learn together. 🙂

You can find the official release notes for UniFi 5.7.20 here.

New Features

  • Added GeoIP filter options to settings [beta]. (Added: 5.7.0)
  • Added virtual devices on maps to plan coverage. (Added: 5.7.0)
  • Added SSH keys to authenticate to device. (Added: 5.7.0)
  • Added Auto Channel feature on Maps. (Added: 5.7.0)
  • Added Release Notes to controller UI. (Added: 5.7.0)
  • Added ability to create and set user defined DHCP options. (Added: 5.7.0)
  • Added Wireless Uplink priority. (Added: 5.7.0)
  • Added ability to back remove vouchers. (Added: 5.7.4)
  • Added ability to customize voucher columns. (Added: 5.7.4)
  • Added ability to display historical statistics per client (including traffic, packets, signal power, etc.). (Added: 5.7.4)
  • Added SNMPv3 support. (Added: 5.7.4)
  • Added IPv6 support [beta]. (Added: 5.7.7)
  • Added restart devices permissions. (Added: 5.7.7)
  • Added support for new Elite Device service. (Added: 5.7.7)
  • Added Bulgarian translations to the Hotspot Portal. (Added: 5.7.7)
  • Added a link to property panel from Location on Neighboring Access Points page. (Added: 5.7.8)
  • Added Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) [beta]. (Added: 5.7.9)
  • Added support for selection for internal antenna. (Added: 5.7.10)


From 5.7.19 to 5.7.20

  • Improved Neighboring Access Points page loading.
  • Updated Wireless Uplink information text.
  • User Groups setting limits have been made more flexible.
  • Improved PPPoE IPv6 provisioning.
  • Improved guest portal handling on gateway devices.

From 5.7.18 to 5.7.19

  • None

From 5.7.15 to 5.7.18

  • A security warning now displays when a superadmin uses the same password for SSH device authentication.
  • Enabled showing pending devices permission when Advanced Features for site are enabled.
  • Now hides the switch temperature if the sensor is not present.
  • Now shows RF Scan only for devices with the necessary Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Removed non AP devices from virtual devices list.
  • Display downgrade button if lower version is detected.
  • No longer disables “Sign In” button on login page.
  • Clarified IPS alert wording.
  • Disabled hardware offload on USG when Smart Queue QoS is enabled.
  • Lowered RSSI requirements for wireless adoption.
  • Removed reboot before upgrade logic from UAP upgrades.

From 5.7.12 to 5.7.15

  • Added a validation message to the missing redirect using hostname once any social authentication method is enabled.
  • Now allow upper case letter in email.
  • Moved device warnings to new tab in property panel.
  • Added warnings count in device status badge.
  • Merged Users and Guests tabs in property panel.
  • Maps now show error when saving coordinates of device on a map fails.
  • Disallowed future date in date range picker for Statistics.
  • Now allows displaying negative temperatures for switches.
  • Improvements to hardware provisioning.

From 5.7.11 to 5.7.12

  • Now, in order for an AP to be capable of becoming a Mesh AP it must have the setting in the device config.
  • Maps now show an error when saving coordinates of a device on map fails.
  • Added missing event handling for Pending Adoption wireless discovery.
  • Improved RADIUS profile migration at time of controller upgrade.

From 5.7.10 to 5.7.11

  • Added message with instructions to CSV upload.
  • Added model EOL (end of life) pending warning.
  • Added additional charts for devices (Statistics –> Performance View).
  • Made drag and drop optimizations.
  • Expanded firewall group name limit to 64.
  • Hid the Aggregation option under Network when UAP supports it natively.
  • Improved the way Donut charts display tooltips, preventing them from being overlapped by other elements.
  • Added DHCPv6 DNS Control.
  • Added GeoIP Filtering – one can now block incoming/outgoing traffic based on GeoIP.
  • Temporarily removed WAN/WAN2 IPv6 PPPoE option.
  • Renamed “Select Group” to “Any” in Firewall’s form.
  • Added username and password validation that matches SNMPv3 standard and USG requirements.
  • Now show Hardware Offload as off when IPS is enabled, disable enabling Hardware Offload.
  • Several device management improvements to improve UX and mitigate errors.

From 5.7.9 to 5.7.10

  • There is significant duplication of what was improved/fixed in the changelog from 5.7.10 to 5.7.11 and 5.7.9 to 5.7.10. I have not repeated (or tried not to) those items which are recorded above in 5.7.10 to 5.7.11 here.
  • Now hides IPv6 address from network’s list when network type is not “static”.
  • Improved alerts from IDS/IPS.
  • Updated nanoHD name.

From 5.7.8 to 5.7.9

  • Now displays WLANs in System Config with Multicast and Broadcast blocking enabled.
  • Now displays default expiration time field for Hotspot and Facebook WiFi.
  • Disabled HTTPS redirection for Facebook, Facebook WiFi, and Google.
  • No longer remembers Client Statistics page as last opened page.
  • Improved UI for Cloud Access Settings page.
  • Added AP name to radar detected event.
  • Now allow DPI to be enabled when offload is disabled (if supported by firmware).

From 5.7.7 to 5.7.8

  • Added a tooltip to OpenVPN shared key UI.
  • Added API error messages.
    Added progress info about loading Map.
  • Now display tooltip if there is an attempt to adopt multiple gateways onto a single site.
  • Provide additional DPI application icons (including Slack).
  • Improved performance of Neighboring Access Points page.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added elite device events to notification settings.
  • Enabled dead peer detection (DPD) on auto-S2S VPN.
  • Excluded WAN subnets from policy routing (which fixes reported issues).
  • Added NAT of other WAN IPs out of WANs (which fixes several issues related to multi-WAN).

From 5.7.4 to 5.7.7

  • Added overflow menu icon in top right corner.
  • Added the ability to customize columns of the switch properties port list.
  • Added WebGL support detection on Maps.
  • Now allows opening debug terminal and airtime/airview simultaneously.
  • Now allows one to use a URL for DHCP TFTP Server in Network Configuration.
  • Added AC InWall in Statistics/Switch view.
  • Now remembers last visited Insights, Stats, and Maps pages.
  • The topology view now shows bonding enabled on AP-HD.
  • Now setting RF scanning state just after scan is started.
  • Improved default allocation logic to make it more suitable for memory constrained systems.

From 5.7.3 to 5.7.4

  • Added “Reset Columns” dropdown to client list column selector.
  • Added uplink to device list.
  • Now confirm before setting PoE mode to 24v passive or passthrough.
  • Made TX/RX labels consistent.
  • Now always show at least the primary channel in the 5G/2G radio columns on device list.
  • Improved security.

From 5.7.1 to 5.7.3

  • Added Incompatible Model warning.
  • Enabled Custom Antenna Gain if user is Professional Installer.
  • Improved SSH keys validation.
  • Added Manage profiles link to switch port forms.
  • Added different styles per log level for Controller Logs.
  • Added button to download controller logs.
    Added button to fetch previous controller logs.
  • Now show the ports tab for In-Wall APs.
  • Added channel utilization to detailed overlay on Maps.
  • Added horizontal rule in Debugging metrics for better separation of items.
  • Updated WebRTC JNI to 1.0.27.

From 5.7.0 to 5.7.1

  • Now shows pending adoption devices based event.
  • Added “Require MS-CHAP v2” control for L2TP Remote User VPN.
  • Added egress rate limiting in Switch profiles.
  • Improved error handling when device is busy on airTime.
  • Now hides incorrect band options for RF scan.
  • Now pre-caches the app in the browser [beta].
  • Improved static route validation.
  • Upgraded Tomcat to 7.0.82.
  • Made database migration improves and fixes.
  • Made database management improves for UCK.

From 5.6.18(?) to 5.7.0

  • Somewhat unclear, seems a number of these items are overlapping with later release notes.
  • Following items are under 5.7.0 changelog, controller bugfixes/changes since 5.6.18 which confusingly comes before the release notes for say 5.6.36, etc. and which does not seem to entirely overlap with the release notes from 5.6.18 to 5.6.36 as laid out individually.
  • Added ‘Disable CCK rates’ checkbox for 2G Data Rate Control.
  • Added continue shopping button to cart.
  • Added client device type detection.
  • Added duplicate WLANs functionality to WLAN group.
  • Added checkbox to enable LLDP on all interfaces in Gateway Advanced property panel.
  • Now list incompatible devices in Device Firmware Upgrade Notification.
  • Now store selected DPI categories per site.
  • Improved the date range picked.
  • Improved list of unplaced devices on Maps.
  • Improved validation for adding the same MAC address in MAC filter.
  • Improved DPI restrictions.
  • Translated DPI categories.

Bug Fixes

From 5.7.19 to 5.7.20

  • Fixed WebSocket error for site admin without Show pending devices permission.
  • Fixed incorrect debug terminal connection state after closing panel.
  • Fixed invisible debug terminal when device is RF scanning.
  • Fixed set switch port profile native network as ‘None’.
  • Reduced port stats log level to eliminate unnecessary logging.
  • Fixed validation of IPv6 IPs as group members. (see issue report)

From 5.7.18 to 5.7.19

  • Fixed downgrade button title.
  • Fixed password field validation in edit account form.
  • Now finds the correct uplink on devices with native bonding.

From 5.7.15 to 5.7.18

  • Fixed default 5G channel width.
  • Fixed Topology console error.
  • Fixed debugging metrics.
  • Fixed a load page error in IE11.
  • Fixed missing alerts tab.
  • Fixed missing filters in clients tab.
  • Fixed WebRTC establish connection retry mechanism.
  • Fixed display interface stats for USG-XG.
  • Fixed factory reset issue on UCK.
  • Fixed pre-adoption upgrade of USG devices.
  • Fixed VPN status reporting.
  • Google transactions are now marked as social in Hotspot Manager.

From 5.7.12 to 5.7.15

  • Fixed DPI clients not opening.
  • Fixed disappearing devices on site change.
  • Fixed selected tab in property panel when current active tab is missing.
  • Fixed downloading large backups over WebRTC.
  • Fixed closing property panel when changing site.
  • Fixed connection fail after changing granularity on Statistics page with WebRTC and then refreshing the page.
  • Fixed AC InWall not showing any data in Switch Statistics view.
  • Fixed filtering virtual devices on map.
  • Fixed case where incorrect port table contents caused Topology not to render.
  • Fixed a bug prevent email password recovery from functioning in some cases.

From 5.7.11 to 5.7.12

  • Fixed ETC menu on Hotspot Manager Page.
  • Fixed part of the tooltip displaying outside the graph on the Hotspot Manager.
  • Fixed incorrect client signal value in Statistics section of Property Panel.

From 5.7.10 to 5.7.11

  • Fixed displaying selected priority wireless uplink.
  • Fixed double click on Insights causing blank page to display.
  • Fixed handling error responses received via WebRTC channel.
  • Fixed missing action buttons after enabling cloud access.
  • Fixed saving RADIUS profile without accounting servers.
  • Fixed radio sorting in Configure Radios section.
  • Fixed issue with devices disappearing from map when changing from legacy to designer without saving and the inability to change map type from Google to image a second time.

From 5.7.9 to 5.7.10

  • There is significant duplication of what was improved/fixed in the changelog from 5.7.10 to 5.7.11 and 5.7.9 to 5.7.10. I have not repeated (or tried not to) those items which are recorded above in 5.7.10 to 5.7.11 here.
  • Fixed client history rate using wrong units.
  • Fixed client history signal chart going off the scal.
  • Fixed enabling https redirection when switching between authentication methods.
  • Fixed issue where USW management VLAN would reset to defaults on controller upgrade.
  • Fixed clicking on the RF button next to the device when using SVG maps wasn’t opening RF tab from device.
  • Added a workaround for Cloud Key firmware upgrade issue for devices on firmware 0.8.1 to 0.8.4.
  • Now applying the same rules for both TCP and UDP DNS which fixes a reported issue.

From 5.7.8 to 5.7.9

  • Fixed cloud access GUI pages for multiple super admins.
  • Fixed Auto Channel dialog which hides map device labels.
  • Fixed Device location opening map with wrong coordinates.
  • Fixed missing Traffic Stats data on first load.
  • Fixed invisible coverage in maps after opening property panel and then moving AP.
  • Fixed resolving devices on Neighboring Access Points page.
  • Fixed too much space for BSSID tooltip in device list.
  • Fixed inability to place devices on designer map.
  • Fixed missing USG Last Seen field.
  • Fixed DHCP relay configuration.

From 5.7.7 to 5.7.8

  • Fixed console error when no map is defined.
  • Fixed date range selector in narrow web browser window.
  • Fixed missing DPI users (name and icon).
  • Fixed missing location alias on Neighboring Access Points page.
  • Fixed upload of map image during remote access.
  • IPv6 dhcpv6_pd_size is now saved as string.

From 5.7.4 to 5.7.7

  • Fixed Calendar dropdown being cut off on small screens.
  • Fixed client name not showing correctly in DPI Applciation Usage widget.
  • Fixed collapsible cells in device table.
  • Fixed disabling Hotspot Welcome Text.
  • Fixed empty tabs in property panel after adopting device in Managed by Other state.
  • Fixed AP channels being hidden after collapsing and restoring parent node in Topology view.
  • Fixed positioning line chart’s tooltip on narrow screens.
  • Fixed remembering rows per page on Insights pages.
  • Fixed selecting default Echo server in the USG Advanced Settings.
  • Fixed USG memory usage and average load not being displayed in devices list.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi icon on OS X High Sierra in Chrome and Firefox.
  • Fixed WLAN VLAN range.
  • Fixed no DPI data for some time in users tab in traffic stats.

From 5.7.3 to 5.7.4

  • Fixed disabling Hotspot Terms of Service.
  • Fixed allowing restart of empty list of devices.
  • Fixed map device RF button not working correctly.
  • Fixed reordering firewall rules.
  • Fixed case when two clicks need to close dropdown list.
  • Fixed the guest portal and preview.

From 5.7.1 to 5.7.3

  • Fixed applying custom antenna gain for US region.
  • Fixed WLAN group queue changes pre-population.
  • Fixed device name and icon missing in DPI Users view.
  • Fixed Device Required badge blinking for short time after view is loaded.
  • Fixed resetting speed test on site switch.
  • Fixed setting VHT160 for devices which support it.
  • Fixed incorrect client count in filter dropdown.
  • Fixed disappearing upgrade button renaming.
  • Fixed selecting same map in map switcher.

From 5.7.0 to 5.7.1

  • Fixed displaying SSH keys on the bright settings page.
  • Fixed slow DPI restriction list display.
  • Fixed currently selected element in airTime when fitlers change.
  • Fixed showing channels in system config view.
  • Fixed disappearing WLANs section in property panel after config change.
  • Fixed missing uplink section in known clients.
  • Fixed UI glitches in Chrome.
  • Fxied overlapping information in Channel Utilization.
  • Fixed displaying virtual device on site change.
  • Fixed displaying clients in device list.
  • Fixed name of device in Firmware Manager list.
  • Removed non-existent USG8 from Virtual Devices.
  • Removed port profiles for In-Wall AP.
  • Fixes for security.

From 5.6.18 to 5.7.0

  • This section is quite confusing, see notes under same heading under Improvements.
  • Fixed device channel in channel utilization.
  • Fixed scrollbar on firewall group modal.
  • Fixed colors of DPI categories widgets.
  • Fixed Cancel Migration section in Property Panel for switches.

Minor Stuff

From 5.7.19 to 5.7.20

  • Removed second performance word from real-time tooltip.

From 5.7.10 to 5.7.11

  • Locked web store to US only.

From 5.7.1 to 5.7.3

  • Updated translations.

From 5.7.0 to 5.7.1

  • Updated translations.

Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Release Notes: 4.3.49, 4.3.60, 4.4.12, 4.4.18

From 4.4.12 to 4.4.18

  • Official release notes are here.

From 4.4.8 to 4.4.12

  • Official release notes are here.
  • Fixed crash in “mcad” when there were DHCP leases with hardware addresses longer than an actual MAC address.
  • Included more packages with debug symbols available to help diagnose crashes from submitted core files.
  • Fixed crash in ubnt-util.
  • Fixed crash in “redirector”.
  • Removed GeoIP back end because of variety of problems, will be reintroduced once these issues are fixed.
  • Fixed DHCPv6 client problem causing renewal failures in some circumstances.
  • Made DDNS back end updates in preparation for expanding DDNS support in controller.
  • L2TP VPN permitted encryption algorithms tightened to remove weak ciphers.
  • Made additions to UnIFi reporting back end for IPv6.
  • USG-XG-8 Specific
    • Made several display-related fixes and improvements.
    • Made improvements to fan control to reduce noise reduction when fans are operating at low speeds.
    • Made additions to Bluetooth backend.

From 4.3.49 to 4.3.60

  • Official release notes are here.
  • Implemented route metric changing on load-balance status changes.
    • Fixes WAN failover issues with L3 adopted USGs and improves multi-WAN failover functionality generally.
  • Fixed multi-WAN regressions in 4.3.46 to 4.3.49 picked up from EdgeRouter 1.9.7.
  • Implemented new local web UI on USG.
    • Fixes a variety of long-standing bugs with old UI and adds ability to configure LAN IP and DHCP server.
  • Updated ISC DHCP version.
    • May fix problems in some edge cases with multiple DHCP WANs and recovery after ethernet link loss.
  • Added back end for custom host-uniq for PPPoE.
  • Implemented fixes for some uses of multiple routing tables (only impacts some config.gateway.json VPN configurations).

From 4.3.48 to 4.3.49

  • Official release notes are here.
  • Updated additional load-balance components from latest EdgeRouter which fixed part of multi-WAN regressions in 4.3.46-4.3.48.
  • Fixed source NAT over-matching from port-foreward hairpin-nat.
    • Previously all traffic sourced from the LAN subnet leaving the LAN interface would be translated, now narrowed to match only port forward hairpin traffic.
  • Send PADT on PPPoE disconnect which fixes an edge case where PPPoE fails to reconnect when an ISP is using a buggy PPPoE relay that doesn’t detect loss of PPP session.
  • Added contiguous option to back end for firewall rule schedules.
  • Removed unnecessary character restrictions on site to site IPsec pre-shared keys.
  • Fixed “dpi.dpi_pktinfo_send(): failure to send UGW wevent” log spam.