Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Firmware Release Notes: 4.4.50-4.4.51

Official Release Notes


  • Added firmware support for netconsole configuration provisioned by the controller (using config under Settings–>Site).


  • If IDS/IPS signature update fails for any reason an alert is now sent to the controller with information about the problem. Other improvements also made to signature update process.
  • Now limits permitted SSH MAC algorithms to OpenSSH’s most recent defaults, disabling some older options.
  • Switched speed test to speed.ui.com
  • Now supports latest hardware revision of USG3.
  • Changed certificate generation parameters for USG’s local web UI so it creates and maintains certificates in accordance with new requirements in macOS Catalina and iOS 13.
  • 4.4.51
    • PPPoE client security update fixes a vulnerability that allows an attacker on the same broadcast domain as your WAN to crash the pppd process, potentially allowing remote code execution.


  • Fixed GeoIP signature updates.
  • Fixed crash in guest redirector service where a host header is missing in the request.
  • No longer makes unifi resolve to when USG goes into self-run.
  • IDS/IPS signature updates triggered during bootup are delayed until internet connectivity is established.
  • Changed DDNS client configuration format to ensure credentials and hostname are used only with the associated provider.