Ubiquiti UniFi Firmware Release Notes:

Here is my second attempt at creating a useful summary of release notes from Ubiquiti’s official release notes.

Some Helpful Notes

  1. The abbreviation UAPG1, UAPG2, UAPG3 standard for UniFi Access Point Generation 1, 2, 3 respectively Generation 3 includes UAP-AC-HD while Generation 2 includes UAP-AC-M and UAP-AC-M-Pro, I am unclear on where other devices fit generation wise.. See here.

Changes from 3.7.58 to

  • UAPG3
  • UAPG3 and UAPG2
    • Improve ntpclient reliability. (My certainty that the linked to ntpclient is the one actually in use is low, there are other options available by the same name)
    • Allow Very High Throughput (VHT) VHT80 for Ukraine.
  • UAPG2
    • Fixed issue causing less than expected throughput in recent releases.
    • Wireless Uplink v3.* (Anyone know the differences between v1, v2, v3 and if any docs are available?)
  • UAPG1
    • Enable wireless uplink v3 for models which support wireless uplink.*
  • EDU
  • AC-IW/Pro/EDU/M-Pro
    • Basic switch QoS support.*
    • Add address resolution logic (ARL) caching support. (Is this equivalent to Address Resolution Protocol (ARP))?
  • UAP (aka User Access Point)
  • USW (aka Ubiquiti Switch)
  • USL2 (unsure what this denotes?)
    • Added support for US-L2-POE switches.*
    • Added Power Supply Unit (PSU) fail detection support.*
  • HW
    • Support SHA512 password for SSH password in system.cfg (except 1st gen APs).*
    • Pass HTTPS capabilities for fwupgrade process.
    • Various improvements.
    • Fix the issue preventing SSH login when the interface IP changed.

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