Ubiquiti UniFi Firmware Release Notes:,,,,

From 3.8.3 to

Check out the official release notes.

  • UAPG3
    • Fixed MAC ACL and blocking support.
  • AC-IW/Pro/EDU/M-Pro
    • Fixed a bug with egress QoS.
    • Improved address resolution logic (ARL) caching support.
    • Added STP state and uptime.
    • Fixed topology view.
  • UAP
    • Added backend for 802.1X MAC authentication bypass support.*
    • Added Framed-IP-Address to RADIUS accounting data.
    • Added NAS-IP-Address to RADIUS accounting data.
    • Various backend fixes.
  • USL2
    • Added support for switch power monitor and PSU info.*
  • USW
    • Fixed DoS issue reported via HackerOne.
    • Added per port Class of Service (CoS) queuing and max traffic class support.*
    • Delayed port LED blinking until system is ready.
    • Added backend for 802.1X MAC authentication bypass support.*
    • Added support for port egress rate limiting.*
  • HW
    • Fixed issue with curl config, FTP firmware upgrade now working.
    • Backend optimization to save space.

From 3.8.11 to

See the official release notes.

  • ACG1
    • Added multi-block WLAN schedule support.*
  • UAP
    • Added management VLAN support for wireless uplink.*
    • Added options for RF scan (active/passive, background/foreground.*
    • Added support for best channel suggestion after running RF scan.*
    • Added support for fast-apply WLAN config, for existing WLANs only.
    • Allowed 80MHz for Russian country code.
    • Removed iperf package, as it does not provide proper results when using an AP as an endpoint.
  • USW
    • Added missing IPv4 multicast trap policy.
  • HW
    • Limited SSH username to 32 characters in length.

From 3.8.12 to

See the official release notes.

  • UAP
    • Fixed a RADIUS related bug with fast-apply.
    • Made a backend improvement.

From 3.8.14 to

See official release notes.

  • UAPG3
    • Added airView and airTime support for SHD.
    • Added initial WIPS backend support for SHD.*
    • Various HW accelerator fixes and improvements.
    • Fixed issue with RF scan where it would often show 0% utilization.
    • Fixed problem with uplink staying in a disconnected state.
    • Reduced time required to provision.
    • Uplink / meshv3 improvements.
    • General fixes and improvements in logging, wifi, and performance.
    • Added LLDP support, which improves PD negotiations on third party switches.
    • Enabled SHA512 support.
  • UAP
    • Implemented backend for SNMPv3 support.*
    • Fixed a RADIUS related bug with fast-apply.
    • Numerous backend fixes and/or improvements.
  • USL2
    • Fixed PSU status detection.
  • USW
    • Fixed a bug preventing DHCPv6 from functioning in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue with removing VLAN tags.
    • Fixed an issue causing high CPU usage with certain SFP modules.
    • Fixed 802.1X VLAN setting on LAG groups.
    • Various backend fixes and/or improvements.
  • HW
    • Merged with codename Toronto branch.
    • Added ‘do-upgrade’ alias for local firmware upgrades.

From 3.9.2 to

Official release notes.

  • ACIWPro
    • Enabled DFS support.
  • UAP
    • Added more security details to scan info.
    • Applied security patch for WPA2 vulnerability (KRACK). [This primarily affects devices that support STA mode, 1st gen AC devices do not.]
    • Various backend fixes and/or improvements.
  • USXG
    • Fixed fastpath tools.
  • HW
    • Improved error codes return on firmware upgrade tool.

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