Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 6.0.22-6.0.23

Official Release Notes


  • 6.0.23
    • Added MAC Address Filtering for WLAN.
    • Limited maximum shown upload/download utilization to 100%.
  • 6.0.22
    • Remove option to enable client statistics, they are now enabled by default.
    • Made updates to the System Settings Design and added a new Scheduled Upgrade Modal.
    • Add sub page transitions.
    • No longer allow changing timezone, hostname, and controller name on UniFi OS.
    • Improved Plug-and-Play adoption for UniFi OS.
    • Added “disabled” option for PMF (Protected Management Frames) in Beta Settings.


  • 6.0.23
    • Fixed Accordions in Beta Settings Networks from being unable to open.
    • Fixed WiFi AI excluded channels dropdown/list.
    • System Settings -> Updates now uses 24h format if it is set in system settings.
    • Now ensures DHCP Relay section can be found in search.
    • Updated AP Group form labels.
  • 6.0.22
    • Removed VLAN Only networks with 0 VLAN tag and assigned Default LAN Network to affected WiFi Networks (this fix may not help in all reported cases).
      • The official release notes say “yet” – but it is unclear to me whether this means that the fix will eventually work for all reported cases (e.g. if some other component needs to be updated on some networks) or if another fix needs to be implemented.
    • Fixed number of clients reported on dashboard.
    • Fixed hostname validation rule.
    • Fixed WAN IP uniqueness validation on save.
    • Fixed issues submitting site-to-site VPN Configuration in Beta Settings.
    • Moved “Enable Smart Queues” tooltip to label.
    • Added error message for RADIUS secret length.
    • Now show content filtering for UDM and UXG family devices only.
    • Now gets WLAN limit for each band separately in Beta Settings.
    • Made style and component fixes in property panel.

Know Issues

  • 6.0.23
    • VLANs beyond UAP wireless downlinks issue seen in 6.0.22 is still under investigation.
  • 6.0.22
    • VLANs beyond UAP wireless downlinks may not have connectivity – actively under investigation.

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