Ubiquiti UniFi SDN Controller Software Release Notes: 5.6.19

This is the first stable release of the 5.6 branch. You can view the official release notes.

Controller Changes Since 5.6.18

  • airTime and airView now open in new windows.
  • Replaced antenna gain field with dropdown for select antenna.
  • Now displays cell size in config if firmware of AP supports it.
  • Fixed disappearing devices when user was inactive.
  • Fixed disappearing batch edit devices.
  • Fixed currently selected element in airTime when filters change.
  • Improved error handling for airTime.
  • Filtered out Manage by Other devices in Performance Statistics.
  • Fixed hiding Cancel Migration section in Property Panel for switches.
  • Fixed missing uplink section in Known Clients.
  • Fixed width of some password fields.
  • Fixed DPI graphs.
  • Now when all accordions are hidden in Property Panel the Tools tab is also hidden.
  • Improved UI responsiveness.
  • Small UI fixes and improvements.
  • Updated bundled Tomcat to 7.0.82.
  • Updated translations.
  • Various backend improvements.

Firmware Changes Since 3.9.2/4.3.60

  • ACIWPro
    • Enabled DFS support.
  • UAP
    • Added more security details to scan info.
    • Applied security patch for WPA2 vulnerability called KRACK.
    • Various backend fixes and/or improvements.
  • USXG
    • Fixed fastpath tools.
  • USG
    • Updated NTP, net-snmp, IGMP proxy, conntrack-tools, webproxy packages to same as latest EdgeRouter release.
    • Corrected auto S2S VPN status reporting.
    • Fixed L2TP problem that could result in pppd exiting after a client connects.
    • Fixed WLAN DPI blocking and related log spam.
    • PPPoE usernames now properly supports usernames longer than 4000 characters and/or containing ‘/’.
    • Updated dnsmasq to 2.7.8.
  • HW
    • Improved error codes returned on firmware upgrade fail.

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