Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Release Notes: 4.4.36

Official Release Notes

Since 4.4.34

  • No longer clears IPs from DHCP WAN interface in PREINIT of a forced renewal

Since 4.4.29

  • Load Balancing
    • Fixed route metrics not being properly updated, primarily experienced upon fail back
    • Fixed problem that caused one or both WANs to be marked down and stuck in this state
    • Fixed crash in ubnt-util when WAN was down for extended period
    • Fixed utmdaemon high CPU usage (caused “heartbeat missed” for some)
    • Added missing signatures
    • Suricata version string corrected to reflext correct version
    • Patch for CVE-2018-18956 DoS vulnerability in Suricata
    • Reduced frequency of lookups to ips1.unifi-ai.com for cloud connectivity.
    • Adjusted config for USG3 and USG Pro to decrease CPU/memory usage.
  • Now if no interface is found with “description WAN”, assume that the default interface for that hardware platform (config_network_wan) is included in the inform. Prevents a INFORM_ERROR
  • Speed test updates so as not to get stuck on non-responsive server
  • USG-XG-8 Only: With UF-RJ45-1G SFPs, pass through the copper link state to the SFP+ port.

Since 4.4.28

  • Fixed crash in speed test.
  • Restore logging of specific error conditions from controller.
  • Fixed image/css path issue introduced in 4.4.28 local web UI.
  • Upgraded Suricata to 4.0.5.

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