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The job of the Network Engineer is in constant flux and requires an ability and desire to repeatedly learn new technologies. It also requires being aware of what technologies are coming up, the security issues being faced, and a horde of other issues. The Network Engineer is not only there to deal reactively, but also to proactively recommend improvements and handle system performance in a way that increases with time. In order to accomplish this requires significant amounts of reading on the part of the Network Engineer. Here are some great resources for continued learning to stay updated on the latest technology has to offer.

  • General Resources:
    • Digg or Slashdot – These sites offer the latest in technology news – covering a wide swathe of topics of interest to the network administrator and geeks in general. My personal preference is Digg.
    • Safari InformIT – When it comes to learning new material comprehensively, the least expensive method is to use Safari Informit. This is a subscription service ($9.95/mo.) that gives you access to several hundred full-length books on almost every technical subject imaginable.
    • TechCrunch – If you are interested in keeping up on the latest developments in internet technology – e.g. web 2.0, then Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch is the place for you.
    • Industry Magazines – It is important (and free) to subscribe to industry standard magazines. These should include Network Computing, InformationWeek, TechNet, eWeek, and SC Magazine (security).
  • Software Resources:
    • Microsoft – Being aware of the latest developments at Microsoft is essential to being well informed about the state of technology in general. This can be accomplished by occasionally surfing through the main Microsoft Website and by visiting the third-party website, Microsoft Watch. One should also subscribe to the Windows Server Division WebLog and might also consider WSUS Product Team Blog (for patching).
    • Additionally you will want to follow any companies that you utilize their software. Subscribe to their newsletters, read their blogs, visit their websites – make sure you know when patches or products are released.
  • Hardware Resources:
    • Dell – One of the major workstation, server, and storage manufacturers. Being aware of their latest product line isn’t a bad idea and can give you a good indicator of what is going on in the industry (e.g., SCSI is dead, SAS is king).
    • Hewlett-Packard – HP is another good company to keep an eye on. Their developments in the hardware sector are also a good barometer for what is going on.
    • Cisco – The leader in networking devices (e.g. switches, routers, firewalls). Keeping updated on their latest developments is also important.

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